Message From the Vice Chancellor to the Guardians, Law students and Admission Seekers to Law

Message From the Vice Chancellor

Study on Law at Britannia University undoubtedly a right decision by the students. In general Law candidates have ample opportunities in the job market & in the arena of independent profession as Advocates. A Law graduate can become a Judge, a Magistrate, an Advocate, a Law Teacher, a Banker, a BCS cadre, a Law officer in Governmental or non-Governmental organization & also can become a Leader or an Executive.

Taking the above points in mind and with prior approval of UGC, Britannia University here at Comilla has been offering the following three programs in Law since Summer Semester-2013.
i) LLB (Hons), ii) LLM (1 Year), iii) LLM (2 Years).

It is important to inform that as per Bangladesh Bar Council requirements a Law Graduate can submit Intimation From to the Bar Council with a view to being enrolled as an Advocate on the basis of the list of students who gained LLB degree to be submitted to Bangladesh Bar Council. After scrutinizing the lists of graduates on Law, Bar Council declares the list of Private Universities whose Graduates can sit for Bar Council Advocateship Enrollment Exam. Since no students of law, have yet passed from Britannia University, no list of students has been submitted to Bar Council and as a result, Britannia University has not come in the list of Private Universities made by the Bar council.

The names of some other renowned private universities who started their LLB (Hons) program in 2013 or 2014 after getting approval from UGC did not also appear in the above mentioned list.
Some confusion regarding the inclusion of the name of Britannia University to the list of Bangladesh Bar Council has arised.

Dear Guardians, Law students and Admission seekers to Law, I am sure this message will remove your confusion regarding the above issue. However, you can enquire to or visit the Bangladesh Bar Council website for better understanding of the issue.