May 13, 2024

Why Study At BU

  • Why BritanniaAs we are all well aware, the educational system in Bangladesh is in quite a mess. The goal of education has become to obtain degrees by all means, fair or foul, in order to land a good job, hopefully a government position. When the basic goal of education of the acquisition of knowledge is set aside, deterioration is bound to set in and corruption takes a firm foothold. Education is too precious a commodity for our coming generations to be left to reap such negative fallouts. If the educational system is not improved in the country, we will be left behind and the happiness and future prosperity of our people will be at stake. It is not to say that efforts have not been made to improve the standards of education but these efforts have been few and far between. Most of the good reforms have never been allowed to come to fruition.From the very beginning Britannia University has been following the policy of not treating education as a commercial product, and is firmly committed to serve the society without having any commercial motive, whatsoever. Creation of BU was a visionary decision in the face of ever increasing demand for updated specialized education in Bangladesh. With the phenomenal rise in enrolment coupled with quality of education, BU will be comparable with the best universities in Bangladesh and abroad. Special Features: img/media/63ffb813ad.png N R B funded Non political University.img/media/63ffb813ad.png Air conditioned and multimedia Class room.img/media/63ffb813ad.png Wi-fi campus and modern IT Lab..img/media/63ffb813ad.png Rich Library, Prayer room and cafeteria.img/media/63ffb813ad.png Hostel arrangements for boys’ and girls’.img/media/63ffb813ad.png Separate common rooms for boys and girls.img/media/63ffb813ad.png Experienced Faculty Members with foreign degree.img/media/63ffb813ad.png Quality Education with affordable fees.img/media/63ffb813ad.png Adjunct Faculties from Public Universities and expert govt. officials.img/media/63ffb813ad.png Career and placement service.img/media/63ffb813ad.png Free Elementary English course and Fundamental Computer course.img/media/63ffb813ad.png Special fee waiver for poor and meritorious Studentsimg/media/63ffb813ad.png Free Psychological counseling for all students.img/media/63ffb813ad.png Develop global profile and collaborating joint programs with Universities abroad.