July 16, 2024

Admission Advertisments

  • Admission Overview BRITANNIA UNIVERSITY admits students with the potential of pursuing higher education. It welcomes applications from the students regardless of their gender, religion, age, race, national origin, social background, marital or parental status and disability. It is also committed to the principles of widening participation and encouraging applicants from disadvantaged and underprivileged backgrounds. It may be noted that admission in some of our programs is very competitive and fulfilling the minimum requirement does not guarantee admission. BU generally follows a policy of limiting the number of seats in a program which means that some students having eligibility often may not get admission. Tuition Fee Waiver • 100% waiver for Golden GPA 5(both SSC and HSC).• 50% waiver for total GPA 10.• 20% waiver for total GPA 9+.• 15% waiver for total GPA 8+. Special Fee Waiver • 50% waiver for sibling.• 10% waiver for tribal students Admission on Credit Transfer BU may admit students who intend to transfer their credit, complete their remaining credits and graduate from BU. Intending students can fulfill their desire if they meet the following:The title, content and credit hours of the course accepted as equivalent should be more or less similar to the corresponding course in BU. A student may get exemption of courses after due consideration and recommendation by the Department and the Faculty.A student must complete the required credit hours and years of studies as applicable for concerned program including the credit hours of the equivalent courses already completed, for obtaining a degree.If a course/(s) is/are accepted as equivalent/(s), the grade obtained in that particular course will be counted as the grade of the corresponding course in BU, subject to approval of Equivalence Committee.