June 17, 2024

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Message From Head

Mozammel Haque

Head of the Department

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at the Britannia University (BU). This department is one of the most forward-looking and dynamic departments at BU. The objective of this department is to prepare the students with intellectual, creative, technical and practical skills in the fields of Computer Science and Engineering.

We are offering courses that fulfill the requirements of a high-quality education system. The CSE department along with its faculty members is committed and united to ensure the educational quality as well as to prove the academic excellence of Britannia University.

We invite bright students with the ambition to become industry leaders to join our program. You are welcome to explore this website to know more about us.

Academic Program

The bachelor degree program requires 156 credits and is extended over a period of 4 years. This program is to be completed in 12 semesters, each year having 3 semesters namely:

Spring : February – May
Summer:  June – September
Fall: October – January

Each semester will be of 14 weeks duration (out of 14 weeks 13 weeks for theory/lab classes with midterm examination and the last week of the semester is allocated for final exam). Midterm Examination will be held without hampering normal classes.

  • 3 Credit (Theory) means 180 minutes/week
  • 1 Credit (Lab) means 90 minutes/week

Minimum 156 credits and minimum CGPA 2.00 (Grade D (40% to less than 44%) out of 4.00 are required to obtain B.Sc. Degree.

Grading System:

Numerical GradeLetter GradeGrade Point
80% and aboveA+(A plus )4.00
75% to less than 79%A (A Regular)3.75
70% to less than 74%A- (A Minus)3.5
65% to less than 69%B+ (B Plus)3.25
60% to less than 64%B (B Regular)3.00
55% to less than 59%B- (B Minus)2.75
50% to less than 54%C+ (C Plus)2.50
45% to less than 49%C (C Regular)2.25
40% to less than 44%D2.00
Less than 40%F0.00

CGPA calculation:

Student’s performance will be evaluated on the basis of Grade Point Average (GPA) semester wise and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of total completed courses.

The CGPA will be computed in the following manner:

CGPA =∑(Grade point X Credits)/∑Credits

Performance Evaluation:

The performance of a student in a course is evaluated on the basis of class assessment (attendance, class test and assignments/viva) and lab/theory exams. Each course will be marked out of 100 distributed as:

Theory Courses Lab Courses
Class Attendence10% Lab Attendence10%
Quiz15% Presentation10%
Assignment/Viva5% Class Performance20%
Midterm Examination30% Assignment20%
Final40% Final40%
Total100% Total100%

Faculty Members

Mozammel Haque

Chairman, Assistant Professor, Department of CSE

Rita Akter

Lecturer, Department of CSE

Masum Bakaul

Lecturer ,Department of CSE

Mohammad Jahed


Md. Zahidur Rahman

Junior Lecturer

Mahmudul Hasan

Adjunct Faculty ,Assistant Professor ,Department of CSE Comilla University

Email: mhasanraju@gmail.com

Md.Mehedi Hasan

Adjunct Faculty, Assistant Professor, ICT, Comilla University

Email: mhedi.iu@gmail.com

Md. Mohibullah

Adjunct Faculty,Lecturer, Department of CSE, Comilla University

Email: mohib.cse.bd@gmail.com

Amena Begum

Adjunct Faculty,Lecturer, Department of ICT, Cumilla University

Email: amenacou@gmail.com

Twelve Semester Course Sequence

Course Type, Number of Course and Credits hours in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering

S/NCourse TypeNo. of  Theory Course (Cridets)No. of
Lab Course
Credit Hours
1Core Couse24 (72)17 (17)88
2Mathematics and General Science5 (15)15
3EEE Course4 (12)4 (4)16
4General Education Courses6 (18)18
5Software Development Project Work3 (3)03
6Elective course3 (9)1 (1)10
7Project & Thesis06
Total 12624156

Semester Wise Course Distribution

First Year (First Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01CSE 101Introduction to Computer Science1003
02CSE 101 LIntroduction to Computer Science Lab1001
03CSE 102Programming Language (C) I1003
04CSE 102 LProgramming Language (C) I Lab1001
05ENG 101English Foundation  I1003
Total  50011.00

First Year (Second Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01ENG 102English Foundation  II ((Listening & Speaking))1003
02MAT 120Mathematics-I1003
03CSE 121Discrete Mathematics1003
04CSE 221Programming Language (C++) II1003
05CSE 221 LProgramming Language (C++) II Lab1001
Total  50013.00

First Year (Third Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01MAT 121Mathematics-II1003
02CSE 132Data Structures1003
03CSE 132 LData Structures Lab1001
04PHY 131Physics1003
05CSE 130Software Development I1001
06EEE 243Electrical Circuit DC1003
07EEE 243 LElectrical Circuit DC Lab1001
Total  70015.00

Second Year (First  Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01MAT 122Mathematics-III1003
02CSE 231Algorithms Analysis and Design1003
03CSE 231 LAlgorithms Analysis and Design Lab1001
04EEE 350Electronic Devices and Circuits1003
05EEE 360Digital Logic Design1003
06EEE 360 LDigital Logic Design Lab1001
Total  60014.00

Second Year (Second  Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01CSE 220Numerical Methods1003
02CSE 220 LNumerical Methods Lab1001
03CSE 211Object Oriented Programming (JAVA)1003
04CSE 211 LObject Oriented Programming (JAVA) Lab1001
05EEE 361Digital Electronic & Pulse Technique1003
06EEE 361 LDigital Electronic & Pulse Technique Lab1001
07MGT 103Engineering Management1003
Total  70015.00

Second Year (Third Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01CSE 331Microprocessor and Assembly Language1003
02CSE 331 LMicroprocessor and Assembly Language Lab1001
03CSE 433Computer Architectures and Organization1003
04CSE 234System Analysis and Design1003
05CSE 230Software Development II1001
06ECO 220Principles of Economics and Accounting1003
Total  60014

Third Year (First Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01STA 260Statistics and Probability1003
02CSE 322Operating Systems and System Programming1003
03CSE 322 LOperating Systems and System Programming Lab1001
04CSE 323Database Management System1003
05CSE 323 LDatabase Management System Lab1001
06CSE 321Data Communication1003
Total  60014.00

Third Year (Second Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01CSE 412Computer Graphics1003
02CSE 412 LComputer Graphics Lab1001
03CSE 333Software Engineering1003
04BDS 104Bangladesh Studies1003
Total  40010.00

Third Year (Third Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01CSE 330Computer Network1003
02CSE 330 LComputer Network Lab1001
03CSE 440Automata & Theory of Computation1003
04CSE 431Web Design and Engineering1003
05CSE 487Microcontroller and Interfacing1003
06BUS 421Business Communication1003
Total  60016

Fourth Year (First Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01CSE 410Network Security and Cryptography1003
02CSE 418Compiler Design1003
03CSE 418 LCompiler Design Lab1001
04CSE 332Artificial Intelligence & Expert System1003
05CSE 332 LArtificial Intelligence & Expert System Lab1001
06CSE 300Software Development III1001
Total  60015

Fourth Year (Second Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01CSE 430VLSI Design1003
02CSE 465Pattern Recognition and Neural Computing1003
03CSE 465 LPattern Recognition and Neural Computing Lab1001
04CSE 489Human Computer Interaction1003
05CSE 498Project & Thesis (Phase I)1003
Total  50013

Fourth Year (Third Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01CSE 454Digital Signal and Image processing1003
02CSE 454 LDigital Signal and Image processing Lab1001
03CSE 499Project & Thesis (Phase II)1003
Total  3007.00

Course Offer

Course Overview

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering offers a 4 year Bachelor of Science degree program for prospective undergraduate students.

This curriculum is offered for students seeking a extensive and profound knowledge of the theory, design, and applications of digital computers. The first two years are spent on basic work in mathematics and physics, and an introduction to the fundamental areas of computer science. The third year completes the work in basic computer science and requires electives to broaden the academic background of the student. During the fourth year, each student is provided with options to obtain a deeper understanding of topics in which the student has particular interest.

Courses Offer

A. Core courses (CSE courses [88 credits]) Compulsory for all CSE students 
Course Code and TitleCredits
CSE 101 : Introduction to Computer Science3 credits
CSE 101L : Introduction to Computer Science – Lab1 credit
CSE 102 : Programming Language I (C)3 credits
CSE 102L : Programming Language I (C) – Lab1 credit
CSE 221 : Programming language II (C++)3 credits
CSE 221L : Programming language II (C++) – Lab1 credit
CSE 121 : Discrete Mathematics3 credits
CSE 132 : Data Structures3 credits
CSE 132L : Data Structures – Lab1 credit
CSE 231 : Algorithms Analysis and Design3 credits
CSE 231L : Algorithms Analysis and Design – Lab1 credit
CSE 220 : Numerical Methods3 credits
CSE 220L : Numerical Methods – Lab1 credit
CSE 211 : Object Oriented Programming (JAVA)3 credits
CSE 211 : Object Oriented Programming (JAVA) – Lab1 credit
CSE 433 : Computer Architectures and Organizations3 credits
CSE 331 : Microprocessors and Assembly Language3 credits
CSE 331 : Microprocessors and Assembly Language – Lab)1 credit
CSE 234 : System Analysis and Design3 credits
CSE 322 : Operating Systems and System Programming3 credits
CSE 322L : Operating Systems and System Programming – Lab1 credit
CSE 487 : Micro controller and Interfacing3 credits
CSE 487L : Microcontroller and Interfacing – Lab1 credit
CSE 333 : Software Engineering3 credits
CSE 321 : Data Communications3 credits
CSE 323 : Database management systems3 credits
CSE 323 : Database management system – Lab1 credit
CSE 440 : Automata and Theory of Computations3 credits
CSE 330 : Computer Networks3 credits
CSE 330 : Computer Networks – Lab1 credit
CSE 412 : Computer Graphics3 credits
CSE 412L : Computer Graphics-Lab1 credit
CSE 431 : Web Design and Engineering3 credits
CSE 410 : Network security and Cryptography3 credits
CSE 418 : Compiler Design3 credits
CSE 418L : Compiler Design – Lab1 credit
CSE 332 : Artificial Intelligence and Expert System3 credits
CSE 332L : Artificial Intelligence and Expert System – Lab1 credit
CSE 465 : Pattern Recognition and Neural Computing3 credits
CSE 465L : Pattern Recognition and Neural Computing – Lab1 credit
B. Degree Core Courses(Mathematics and general science courses [15 credits]; Compulsory for all CSE students) 
MAT 120 : Mathematics I (Pre-Calculus and Differential Calculus)3 Credits
MAT 121 : Mathematics II (Integral Calculus and Differential Equation)3 Credits
MAT 122 : Mathematics III (Complex var, Matrices, Vectors, Laplace trans.)3 Credits
STA 260 : Statistics & Probability3 Credits
PHY 131 : Physics3 Credits
C. Degree Core Courses (EEE courses [16 credits]) 
EEE 243 : Electrical Circuits3 Credits
EEE 243L : Electrical Circuits – Lab1 Credit
EEE 350 : Electronic Devices and Circuits3 Credits
EEE 350L : Electronic Device and Circuits – Lab1 Credit
EEE 360 : Digital Logic Design3 Credits
EEE 360L : Digital Logic Design – Lab1 Credit
EEE 253: Electrical Circuit AC3 Credit
EEE 361 : Digital Electronic and Pulse Technique3 Credits
EEE 361L : Digital Electronic and Pulse Technique – Lab1 Credit
D. Software Development Project work [3 credits] 
CSE 130 : Software Development-I1 Credit
CSE-200 : Software Development- II1 Credit
CSE 300 : Software Development III1 Credits
E. General Education Courses [18 credits] 
ENG 101 : Fundamental English I3 Credits
ENG 102 : Fundamental English II3 Credits
HUM 221 : Society, Ethics and Technology3 Credits
ECO 220 : Principles of Economics and Accounting3 Credits
MIS 412 : Management Information Systems3 Credits
BUS 421 : Business Communication3 Credits
MGT 103 : Engineering Management3 Credits
HUM 223: Bangla Bhasha3 Credits
BDS 104 : Bangladesh Studies3 Credits
F. Core courses (Project & Thesis [6 credits]) 
CSE 498 : Project & Thesis (Phase I)3 Credits
CSE 499 : Project & Thesis (Phase II)3 Credits
G. Elective courses [10 credits] (Any 3 of the following courses are compulsory) 
CSE 430 : VLSI Design3 Credits
CSE 454 : Digital Signal and Image Processing3 credits
CSE 454L : Digital Signal and Image Processing – Lab1 credit
CSE 411 : Telecommunication3 Credits
CSE 414 : Research methodology3 credits
CSE 415 : TCP/IP networking3 credits
CSE 415L : TCP/IP networking – Lab1 credit
CSE 441 : Machine Learning3 credits
EEE 442 : VHDL3 credits
EEE 442L : VHDL- Lab1 credit
CSE 432 : Advanced database system3 credits
CSE 432L : Advanced database system – Lab1 credit
CSE 489 : Human Computer Interaction3 credits
CSE 484 : Basic Multimedia Theory3 credits
CSE 477 : Software requirements engineering3 credits
CSE 455 : Network Programming3 credits
CCSE 445 : Distributed system3 credits
CSE 440 : Interaction design technology3 credits