July 16, 2024

Registration Procedures

  • Semester RegistrationAll students admitted into a program in the BU require registering for course enrolment before commencement of teaching and learning in each semester. Students are not allowed to attend classes without registration unless otherwise special permission is given by the appropriate authority. Credit for any course attended by a student without registration will not be counted towards the fulfillment of degree requirement.Date and time of Registration is available in the academic calendar and also announced by the department before registration. Students are required to collect, complete and submit Registration Form (available from the Department and Registrar’s Office) to the course advisor and/or any other staff authorize by the respective Chairman of the Department for course enrolment and obtain clearance from the Accounts Office by paying appropriate fees.All students are encouraged to complete registration within due date. Students failing to register within scheduled date may apply to the Chairman of the Department explaining reasons for not being able to register in time. Students will be allowed for late registration subject to the conditions that:img/media/e1d801cfed.png Students register within deadline of later registration.img/media/e1d801cfed.png Chairman of the respective Department approves application for late registration.img/media/e1d801cfed.png Pay appropriate fees including a late fee to be determined by the University authority from time to time.Orientation ProgramBU conducts orientation program for all new students. Orientation program helps students to familiarize with University policies, rules and regulations, opportunities, facilities and student support services. Orientation program provides opportunity for new students to meet with the University Offices and Senior Executives.Course Variation and WithdrawalOnly in exceptional circumstances, requests for change of courses (course variation) and withdrawal will be considered for each Semester. Changes to course registration must be made within one week of the commencement of lecture in each semester. Late requests for course variations will not be approved and may result in ‘F’ grade to be appeared in the transcript. Application must be submitted to the Chairman of the Department through the course teacher concerned for course variation.Application for course withdrawal should be submitted to the Registrar within one week of admission through the Course Teacher and Chairman of the Department. If the University is unable to offer the course which was scheduled to be offered, students will receive refund of 100% tuition fees of paid amount. Program Withdrawal/Semester DropOnly in exceptional circumstances, requests for semester withdrawal/drop from the program will be considered for each Semester. Student must submit application within two weeks of the commencement of the semester. Application should be submitted to the Chairman of the respective Department and approved by the Registrar. Application after two weeks of commencement will not be considered.A student will be allowed to withdraw after two weeks of commencement of a semester in case of: (a) serious illness, and (b) death of an immediate family member (husband, wife, child, father, mother, brother, sister only).