June 16, 2024

Department of EEE

Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, under the Faculty of Science and Engineering, is more of a learning institution where the focus is more on knowledge than mere skills. The faculty members in the department are individuals who are deep researchers qualified to write and critique contemporary textbooks in the area they teach; obviously they do not teach to a “fixed syllabus”. They “design” the courses considering current trends and the student background so as to blend what is collectively taught across different courses into a cohesive body of knowledge that prepares the students not just for today but to take on the developments that are likely to take place years ahead. What is laid in the courses is a solid foundation that prepares the individual student to pursue academic or industrial career with rigor and innovation. The lectures are supplemented by several laboratory sessions, tutorials and self-reading (both individually and in groups) as well as projects. It is not sufficient to pick up what is taught in the class or written in the textbooks; it is important to understand, assimilate and demonstrate the individual and collective ability to demonstrate that the student can apply the knowledge to a research/application environment. This is what sets apart the department of EEE at from the rest of the Institutions. The degree is awarded as Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, abbreviated as B.Sc. in EEE. The minimum required CGPA to obtain the degree is 2.25 and the student must complete a minimum of 152 credits.

Semester-wise Course Distribution

Semester 1
EEE 101Electrical Circuits I3.0
GED 101The Four Skills of Communication in English2.0
GED 102Developing English Language Skills Lab1.5
CSE 151Computer Fundamentals and Web Technology3.0
MAT 163Differential and Integral Calculus3.0
PHY 171Waves, Optics and Thermodynamics3.0
PHY 172Waves, Optics and Thermodynamics Lab1.5
Semester 2
EEE 102Engineering Drawing1.0
EEE 103Electrical Circuits II3.0
EEE 104Electrical Circuits Lab1.0
EEE 108Circuit Simulation Lab1.0
MAT 165Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations3.0
PHY 173Electricity, Magnetism and Modern Physics3.0
PHY 174Electricity, Magnetism and Modern Physics Lab1.5
STAT 263Probability and Statistics3.0
Semester 3
EEE 105Electronic Circuits I3.0
CHE 175Engineering Chemistry3.0
CHE 176Engineering Chemistry Lab1.5
EEE 205Electrical Machines I3.0
EEE 201Digital Electronics3.0
EEE 202Digital Electronics Lab1.0
MAT 261Coordinate Geometry and Vector Analysis3.0
GED 119History of the Emergence of Independent Bangladesh2.0
Semester 4
EEE 203Electronic Circuits II3.0
EEE 204Electronic Circuits Lab1.0
EEE 207Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation3.0
EEE 208Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation Lab1.0
EEE 209Electrical Machines II3.0
EEE 212Electrical Machines Lab1.0
CSE 251Computer Programming2.0
CSE 252Computer Programming Lab1.0
MAT265Linear Algebra, Complex Variables, FA and LT3.0
GED***General Education (GED 107/GED 109/GED 113)2.0
Semester 5
MAT267Numerical Methods and Analysis2.0
EEE 291Fundamental of Mechanical Engineering3.0
EEE 301Electromagnetic Fields and Waves3.0
EEE 305Signals & Systems3.0
EEE 307Solid State Devices3.0
EEE 309Communication Theory3.0
EEE 312Communication Theory Lab1.0
EEE 317Electrical Services Design and Drafting1.0
Semester 6
EEE 253Computer Networking and Data Communication3.0
EEE 303Power System I3.0
EEE 313Microprocessor and Microcontroller3.0
EEE 314Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab1.0
EEE 315Digital Signal Processing3.0
EEE 316Digital Signal Processing Lab1.0
EEE 401Electrical Engineering Materials3.0
EEE 403Industrial and Power Electronics3.0
EEE 404Industrial and Power Electronics Lab1.0
Semester 7
EEE 405Control Systems3.0
EEE 406Control Systems Lab1.0
EEE 409Electrical Power Transmission & Distribution3.0
EEE 467Project Management & Finance3.0
EEE 469Engineer and Society3.0
Group I / II / III / IV10.0
Semester 8
Group I / II / III / IV10.0
EEE 490Thesis / Project / Internship (3.0)6.0
Grand Total=152.0

List of Courses

  1. General Education (Any 5 courses)
Serial No.Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
           01.GED 101The Four Skills of Communication in English2.0
           02.GED 102Developing English Language Skills Lab1.5
           03.CSE 151Computer Fundamentals and Web Technology3.0
           04.GED 119History of the Emergence of Independent Bangladesh2.0
           05.GED 107Introduction to Sociology2.0
           06.GED 109Ethics: Theory and Practice2.0
           07.GED 113Financial and Managerial Accounting2.0
Total (Any one from 06 – 08)2.0
  1. Basic Science
Serial No.Course CodeCourse TitlePrerequisite/Co-requisiteCredits
        08.PHY 171Waves, Optics and ThermodynamicsNone3.0
        09.PHY 172Waves, Optics and Thermodynamics LabPHY 171*1.5
        10.PHY 173Electricity, Magnetism and Modern PhysicsPHY 1713.0
        11.PHY 174Electricity, Magnetism and Modern Physics LabPHY 173*1.5
        12.CHE 175Engineering ChemistryNone3.0
        13.CHE 176Engineering Chemistry LabCHE 175*1.5
Total 13.5
  1. Interdisciplinary Courses
Serial No.Course CodeCourse TitlePrerequisite/Co-requisiteCredits
          14.EEE 102Engineering DrawingNone1.0
          15.CSE 251Computer ProgrammingCSE 1512.0
          16.CSE 252Computer Programming LabCSE 251*1.0
  Total 4.0

*Asterisk (*) indicate co-requisite courses.

(For example, CSE 251 & CSE 252 will be taught simultaneously).

  1. Mathematics and Statistics
Serial No.Course CodeCourse TitlePrerequisite /CorequisiteCredits
          17.MAT 163Differentials and Integral CalculusNone3.0
          18.MAT 165Ordinary and Partial Differential EquationsMAT 1633.0
          19.MAT 261Coordinate Geometry and Vector AnalysisMAT 1653.0
          20.MAT 265Linear Algebra & Complex Variables, Fourier Analysis and Laplace TransformMAT 1653.0
          21.MAT 267Numerical Methods and AnalysisMAT 1652.0
          22.STAT 263Probability and StatisticsNone3.0
Total 17.0
  1. Core Courses
Serial No.Course CodeCourse TitlePrerequisite /CorequisiteCredits
          23.EEE 101Electrical Circuits IPHY 1733.0
          24.EEE 103Electrical Circuits IIEEE 1013.0
          25.EEE 104Electrical Circuits LabEEE 103*1.0
          26.EEE 105Electronic Circuits IEEE 1033.0
          27.EEE 108Circuit Simulation LabEEE 101 & EEE 1031.0
          28.EEE 201Digital ElectronicsEEE 1053.0
          29.EEE 202Digital Electronics LabEEE 201*1.0
          30.EEE 203Electronic Circuits IIEEE 1053.0
          31.EEE 204Electronic Circuits LabEEE 203*1.0
          32.EEE 205Electrical Machines IEEE 1033.0
          33.EEE 207Electronic Measurement and InstrumentationEEE 2033.0
          34.EEE 208Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation LabEEE 207*1.0
          35.EEE 209Electrical Machines IIEEE 2053.0
          36.EEE 212Electrical Machines LabEEE 209*1.0
          37.EEE 253Computer Networking and Data CommunicationCSE 1513.0
          38.EEE 291Fundamental of Mechanical EngineeringNone3.0
          39.EEE 301Electromagnetic Fields and WavesMAT 265 & EEE 2033.0
          40.EEE 303Power System IEEE 103EEE 2053.0
          41.EEE 305Signals and SystemsMAT 265 & EEE 2033.0
          42.EEE 307Solid State DevicesEEE 2033.0
          43.EEE 309Communication TheoryEEE 3053.0
          44.EEE 312Communication Theory LabEEE 309*1.0
          45.EEE 313Microprocessor and MicrocontrollerEEE 2013.0
          46.EEE 314Microprocessor and Microcontroller LabEEE 313*1.0
          47.EEE 315Digital Signal ProcessingEEE 3093.0
          48.EEE 316Digital Signal Processing LabEEE 315*1.0
          49.EEE 317Electrical Services Design and Drafting LabNone1.0
          50.EEE 401Electrical Engineering MaterialsNone3.0
          51.EEE 403Industrial and Power ElectronicsEEE 4013.0
          52.EEE 404Industrial and Power Electronics LabEEE 403*1.0
          53.EEE 405Control SystemsMAT 265 & EEE 2033.0
          54.EEE 406Control Systems LabEEE 405*1.0
          55.EEE 409Electrical Power Transmission & DistributionEEE 3033.0
          56.EEE 467Project Management & FinanceNone3.0
          57.EEE 469Engineer and SocietyNone3.0
          58.EEE 490† Thesis / Project / †† Internship (3.0)None6.0
Total        87.0

*Asterisk (*) indicate co-requisite courses.

† Its compulsory for all the students to complete a research-based thesis or project of 6.0 credits. The thesis / project work may last for two semesters (12 months). For submission of the final report, the students are required to submit a draft hardcopy to the department for correction and verification. Moreover, it is required to give an oral presentation at the end of the degree for the assessment. It is recommended that the students should produce a publishable research work and expected to publish in a peer-reviewed international journal (Internationally peer-reviewed journals and conferences).

†† Besides, students can choose an internship of 3.0 credits instead of thesis or project to enhance their occupational experience, do engineering practice, get familiar with the industries. In this case, the student must complete a theory course of 3.0 credits from Group I / II / III / IV along with the Internship. The duration of the internship work at a related industry / company is expected to last at least for 3 months. Also, the students are required to submit an Internship report along with the completion certificate of their work from the corresponding industry/ company at the end of their work to the department.

  1. Elective Courses

Students specializing in an optional group, such as power, electronics, communication or computer science (known as the group of major courses), shall complete a total of eleven credits from the corresponding group including two laboratory courses and rest of the nine credits can be completed from any other elective group(s).

Group I: Power

Serial No.Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
                59.EEE 407Power System II3.0
                60.EEE 408Power System Lab1.0
                61.EEE 411Power Plant Engineering3.0
                62.EEE 413Power System Protection3.0
                63.EEE 414Power System Protection Lab1.0
                64.EEE 415High Voltage Engineering3.0
                65.EEE 416High Voltage Engineering Lab1.0
                66.EEE 461Renewable Energy3.0

Group II: Electronics

Serial No.Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
                67.EEE 417Optoelectronics3.0
                68.EEE 421Digital Integrated Circuits Design3.0
                69.EEE 422Digital Integrated Circuits Design Lab1.0
                70.EEE 423VLSI3.0
                71.EEE 424VLSI Lab1.0
                72.EEE 425Processing and Fabrication Technology3.0
                73.EEE 427Digital Communication Electronics3.0
                74.EEE 445Biomedical Instrumentation3.0

Group III: Communication

Serial No.Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
                75.EEE 429Wireless Communication3.0
                76.EEE 431Optical Fiber Communication3.0
                77.EEE 432Optical Fiber communication Lab1.0
                78.EEE 433Telecommunication Engineering3.0
                79.EEE 434Telecommunication Engineering Lab1.0
                80.EEE 435Microwave Engineering3.0
                81.EEE 437Digital Communication3.0
                82.EEE 438Digital Communication Lab1.0
                83.EEE 463Satellite Communication3.0
                84.EEE 439Information Theory and Coding3.0

Group IV: Computer Science

Serial No.Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
                85.CSE 451Software Engineering3.0
                86.CSE 452Software Engineering Lab1.0
                87.CSE 453Microprocessor System Design3.0
                88.CSE 454Microprocessor System Design Lab1.0
                89.CSE 455Real Time Computer System3.0
                90.CSE 457Computer Networks3.0
                91.CSE 458Computer Networks Lab1.0
                92.CSE 459Multimedia Communications3.0