June 17, 2024

Department of Business Administration

Message From Head

Professor Dr. Surajit Sarbabidya

Head of the Department

Welcome to the School of Business, a center of advancing career with excellence.

In the present day competitive and challenging environment whether one has the mindset to do a lucrative job under a reputed employer or aims to be an entrepreneur to do business to create job for others, the knowledge of business administration is highly essential. Giving immense priority to this necessity of grooming and developing professionals of tomorrow we have scholastically designed an academically updated and enriched curriculum with industrial and research inputs for the most popular ‘Business Administration Academic Programs’ like BBA (4 Years), MBA (1 Year) for 4 Years Business Administration/Studies Graduates, MBA (2 Years) for Graduates from any discipline and EMBA (16 Months) for experienced executives.

At School of Business we groom our students with professional quality and lasting passion for achievements. With this aim to prepare successful business leaders, the dedicated team of our talented and research-oriented faculty members are always engaged in improving the skills, knowledge, personal qualities and above all educational experience of the students. In addition, we are committed to the continuous development of our programs, courses, research, approach to teaching and everything we do in a way that will ensure ultimate professional excellence of our graduates.

We would also welcome the opportunity to talk to the prospect at our admission fairs and open days. We will be happy to answer any question involving the academic programs and courses of choice or the student experience at School of Business of Britannia University.

We look forward to see the beginning of success journey of our students with us.

Academic Program

The bachelor degree program requires 124 credits and is extended over a period of 4 years. This program is to be completed in 12 semesters, each year having 3 semesters namely:

Spring : February – May
Summer:  June – September
Fall: October – January

Each semester will be of 14 weeks duration (out of 14 weeks 13 weeks for theory/lab classes with midterm examination and the last week of the semester is allocated for final exam). Midterm Examination will be held without hampering normal classes.

3 Credit (Theory) means 180 minutes/week

Minimum 124 credits and minimum CGPA 2.00 (Grade D (40% to less than 44%) out of 4.00 are required to obtain BBA Degree.

Grading System:

Numerical GradeLetter GradeGrade Point
80% and aboveA+(A plus )4.00
75% to less than 79%A (A Regular)3.75
70% to less than 74%A- (A Minus)3.5
65% to less than 69%B+ (B Plus)3.25
60% to less than 64%B (B Regular)3.00
55% to less than 59%B- (B Minus)2.75
50% to less than 54%C+ (C Plus)2.50
45% to less than 49%C (C Regular)2.25
40% to less than 44%D2.00
Less than 40%F0.00

CGPA calculation:

Student’s performance will be evaluated on the basis of Grade Point Average (GPA) semester wise and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of total completed courses.

The CGPA will be computed in the following manner:

CGPA =∑(Grade point X Credits)/∑Credits

Performance Evaluation:

The performance of a student in a course is evaluated on the basis of class assessment (attendance, quiz and assignments/viva) and theory exams. Each course will be marked out of 100 distributed as:

Theory Courses

Class Attendence10%
Midterm Examination30%

Faculty Members

Prof. Dr. Surajit Sarbabidya

Dean & Chairman , School of Business

Tania Akter

Lecturer , School of Business

Khaleda Akter

Lecturer , School of Business

Md. Saddam Hossain

Lecturer, School of Business

Farzana Tabassum Rimu

Lecturer ,School of Business

Fatema Tuz Zohra

Lecturer ,School of Business

Md. Amdadul Hoque

Adjunct Faculty Lecturer , Department of Finance & Banking Comilla University


Cell Phone:

Tama Saha

Adjunct Faculty Lecturer, School of Business

Twelve Semester Course Sequence

Course Type, Number of Course and Credits Hours BBA
Semester Wise Course Distribution

First Year (First Semester)

S/NCourse  CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01CSE 101Introduction to Computer Science1003
02BBA 111Introduction to Business1003
03ENG 101Foundation English I1003
 Total 3009.00

First Year (Second Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01MKT 121Principles of Marketing1003
02FIN 122Principles of Finance1003
03ENG 102Foundation English II (Listening & Speaking)1003
 Total 3009.00

First Year (Third Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01MGT 131Principles of Management1003
02MGT 132Organizational Behavior1003
03ECO 133Principles of Micro Economics1003
 Total 3009.00

Second Year (First Semester)

S/NCourse  CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01ACC 241Introduction to Financial Accounting1003
02ECO 242Principles of Macro Economics1003
03FIN 243Business Statistics-I1003
04BUS  244Business Mathematics-I1003
 Total 40012.00

Second Year (Second Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01BUS 251Business Statistics-II1003
02ACC 252Introduction to Managerial Accounting1003
03FIN 253Principles of Money & Banking1003
04BUS 254Business Mathematics-II1003
 Total 40012.00

Second Year (Third Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01HRM 261Human Resource Management1003
02BUS 262Entrepreneurship Development1003
03BUS 263Insurance & Risk Management1003
04BUS 383Business Communication1004
 Total 40012.00

Third Year (First Semester)

S/NCourse  CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01MIS 371Management Information System1003
02MGT 372Supply Chain & Logistics Management1003
03BUS 373International Business1003
04BUS 382Taxation1003
 Total 40012.00

Third Year (Second Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01BUS 381Economic Geography1003
02BUS 391Operation Management1003
03BUS 392Business Law1003
04BUS 393Research Methodology 100 3
 Total 40012.00

Third Year (Third Semester)
[Major in Finance/ Marketing/ HRM & Minor in Finance/ Marketing/ HRM]
Two courses for major and two courses for minor (4*3=12 Credit hours)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01FIN 4101Corporate Finance1003
02FIN 4128Working Capital Management1003
03MKT 4101Marketing Management1003
04MKT 4102Consumer Behavior1003
05HRM 4101Human Resource Planning 100
06HRM 4114Training and Development Management 100
 Total 60018.00

Fourth Year (First Semester)
[Major in Finance/ Marketing/ HRM & Minor in Finance/ Marketing/ HRM]
Two courses for major and two courses for minor (4*3=12 Credit hours)

S/NCourse  CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01FIN 4113Security Analysis and Portfolio Management1003
02FIN 4114Public Finance1003
03MKT 4113Strategic Marketing1003
04MKT 4127Brand Management1003
05HRM 4125Human Resource Information System 1003
06HRM 4126International HRM 100
 Total 60018.00

Fourth Year (Second Semester)
[Major in Finance/ Marketing/ HRM & Minor in Finance/ Marketing/ HRM]
Two courses for major and one course for minor (4*3=09 Credit hours)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01FIN 4125International Financial Management1003
02FIN 4126Bank Management1003
03MKT 4126International Marketing1003
04MKT 4128Service Marketing1003
05HRM 4102Strategic Human Resource Management100 
06HRM 4113Compensation Management 1003
 Total 60018.00

Fourth Year (Third Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01MGT 4120Internship Report1004
 Total 1004.00