July 15, 2024

Department of Law

Message From Head

Dr. Md. Milan Hossain

Head of the Department

The Department of Law currently offers three programs: i. LL.B (Hons) for 4 Years ii. LL.M (1 Year) and iii. LL.M (2 Years). The Department always gives priority over quality education, research and mooting for creating future academicians, judges, magistrates and advocates. Accordingly, we set our academic curriculum, co-curricular and extra- curricular activities.

Our faculties are our strength. We have very co-operative, energetic, qualified and updated faculties (teachers) who come from University of Dhaka, Chittagong University, Rajshahi University, Jagannath University and prominent private universities. They will not only take classes in the class rooms, but they will also give time in their desks for counseling students. If any student cannot understand any topic, he/she can go to the concerned teacher’s desk. In order to provide our students practical court oriented knowledge and upgrade their confidence, in each semester we appoint senior judges & advocates of the Supreme Court to conduct court practice oriented courses. 

In each semester we arrange civil & criminal mock trial in the moot court (shadow court)   where our students perform as advocates and judges; we also offer legal research methodology as a mandatory course in which students need to conduct legal research and face research defence; we arrange workshops on different current issues and laws; we also arrange semester beginning & ending meetings for exchanging views with the students for their betterment and development. In order to engage our students in creative activities and for creating their leadership ability, currently one Club named Law Club & 7 wings are working under the vibrant leadership of our beloved students. The wings are- i. Mooting & Debate Wing, ii. Research & Writing Wing, iii. ‘Legal Knowledge for All’ Wing, iv. Anchoring & Presentation Wing, v. Cultural Wing, vi. Humanity & Morality Wing and vii. Decoration & Photography Wing. The members of Law Club and different Wings arrange different workshops on mooting, debate, research methodology, and current legal issues.

Our beloved students regularly participate and perform in different seminars, workshops, mooting and research competitions in different universities of the country; and they are showing very good performances in these programs. Our students achieved the Spirit of the Jessup Award, 2018; they stood 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the District Legal Aid Quiz Competition, Cumilla 2018 & 2nd in the Constitutional Quiz Competition at Cumilla University Law Department; they also gained 3rd position in the research methodology workshop at East West University. Our students have also qualified in the Judicial Service and Bar Council exams. 

The Department regularly arranges cultural programs, study tour and picnics for nursing our culture, practical knowledge and above all, recreation programs for mental refreshment of   the students where teachers and students come at very close and can know each other. Under this excellent environment, our students always get ample opportunities to upgrade themselves, upgrade the Department and the University. Apart from these, they know that there are lots of opportunities waiting for them. By studying law they may become judges, magistrates, teachers, advocates, BCS cadres, law officers, human rights activists and after all, work as social engineers. From all corners they will find us in their journey at the University to make them competent citizens and good human beings. We believe our graduates would contribute to bring qualitative changes in the society.

Due to proper nursing, guiding and ensuring friendly environment we have a very good relationship among the teachers and students. Our students as well as we think we are a family. They hold the Department; own the Department and respect all the teachers, officers and staff of the University.

Academic Program

The bachelor degree program requires 135 credits and is extended over a period of 4 years. This program is to be completed in 12 semesters, each year having 3 semesters namely:

Spring : February – May
Summer:  June – September
Fall: October – January

Each semester will be of 14 weeks duration (out of 14 weeks 13 weeks for theory/lab classes with midterm examination and the last week of the semester is allocated for final exam). Midterm Examination will be held without hampering normal classes.

3 Credit (Theory) means 180 minutes/week

Minimum 135 credits and minimum CGPA 2.00 (Grade D (40% to less than 44%) out of 4.00 are required to obtain LLB (Hon’s) Degree.

Grading System:

Numerical GradeLetter GradeGrade Point
80% and aboveA+(A plus )4.00
75% to less than 79%A (A Regular)3.75
70% to less than 74%A- (A Minus)3.5
65% to less than 69%B+ (B Plus)3.25
60% to less than 64%B (B Regular)3.00
55% to less than 59%B- (B Minus)2.75
50% to less than 54%C+ (C Plus)2.50
45% to less than 49%C (C Regular)2.25
40% to less than 44%D2.00
Less than 40%F0.00

CGPA calculation:

Student’s performance will be evaluated on the basis of Grade Point Average (GPA) semester wise and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of total completed courses.

The CGPA will be computed in the following manner:

CGPA =∑(Grade point X Credits)/∑Credits

Performance Evaluation:

The performance of a student in a course is evaluated on the basis of class assessment (attendance, quiz and assignments/viva) and theory exams. Each course will be marked out of 100 distributed as:

Theory Courses

Class Attendence10%
Midterm Examination30%

Twelve Semester Course Sequence

Course Type, Number of Course and Credits hours LLB (Hons.) in Law

First Year (First Semester)

S/NCourse  CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01LLB 101Jurisprudence & Theory of Law1003
02LLB 102Constitutional Law of Bangladesh1003
03CSE 101Introduction to Computer Science1003
04ENG 101Foundation English I1003
 Total 40012.00

First Year (Second Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01LLB 103Law of Contract1003
02LLB 104Law of Tort1003
03LLB 105Government and Politics1003
04ENG 102Foundation English II (Listening & Speaking)1003
 Total 40012.00

First Year (Third Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01LLB 106Legal System and Institutions of Bangladesh1003
02LLB 107Muslim Law1003
03LLB 108Law of Specific Relief and Equity1003
04ECO 101Fundamental of Economics1003
 Total 40012.00

Second Year (First Semester)

S/NCourse  CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01LLB 201Criminology and Penology1003
02LLB 202Transfer of Property Law1003
03LLB 203Law of Registration and Limitation1003
04LLB 204Hindu Law1003
 Total 40012.00

Second Year (Second Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01LLB 205Law of Taxation Including Custom and VAT1003
02LLB 206Business Law1003
03LLB 207Banking & Securities Exchange Law1003
04LLB 208Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)1003
 Total 40012.00

Second Year (Third Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01LLB 209Public Demand Recovery & Money Loan Court Act.1003
02LLB 210Law of Crime (Substantive)1003
03LLB 211Company Law1003
04LLB 212Land Laws of Bangladesh 100 3
 Total 40012.00

Third Year (First Semester)

S/NCourse  CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01LLB 301Law of Criminal Procedure1003
02LLB 302Law of Evidence1003
03LLB 303Law of Trusts and Codicils1003
 Total 3009.00

Third Year (Second Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01LLB 304Law of Civil Procedure1003
02LLB 305Law of Insurance1003
03LLB 306Women, Law and Legal Protection1003
 Total 3009.00

Third Year (Third Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01LLB 307Public International Law1003
02LLB 308The Legal Profession & Professional Ethics1003
03LLB 309Conveyancing and Legal Writings1003
04LLB 310Interpretation of Statutes, Contracts, Treaties and General Clauses Act.1003
 Total 40012.00

Fourth Year (First Semester)

S/NCourse  CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01LLB 401Law of Environment1003
02LLB 402Construction Law1003
03LLB 403Administrative Law1003
04LLB 404Law of Foreign Exchange Investment and Anti-Money Laundering1003
 Total 40012.00

Fourth Year (Second Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01LLB 405Labor and Industrial Law1003
02LLB 406Cyber Law1003
03LLB 407Law of Human Rights1003
04LLB 408Maritime and Shipping Law1003
 Total 40012.00

Fourth Year (Third Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01LLB 409Intellectual Property Law1003
02LLB 410Legal Research and Methodology (Dissertation Paper)1003
03LLB 411Moot Court Sessions1003
 Total 3009.00