July 15, 2024

Department of English

Message From Head

Md. Tariqul Alam

Head of the Department

It gives me much pleasure to say that the Department of English has begun its glorious journey as one of the leading faculties with the establishment of this University in 2012 at Paduar Bazar, Bishwa Road, Cumilla. The department is located at the sixth floor of the main building with all the classrooms adjacent to it.  At present, there are three Lecturers, one Assistant Professor and a Professor working in the department. All the faculties are highly qualified, well-experienced and dedicated to teach and guide the students to be the worthy citizens of the country and for the future world. Our programme includes Honours four years, Masters one and two years. The syllabus is rich and updated and is approved by the UGC. It has been designed in keeping with the needs of the present day world. Seven batches of Honours and thirteen batches of Masters have successfully completed their courses. Many of them have been provided in different Professions in schools, colleges and other non-government organizations.

More often, the students of the department attend various workshops, seminars organized by the department in addition to other cultural and academic programmes. The English Language Club is run by the Department of English in collaboration with the students of other departments of the university. Truly, the English Department occupies an important position in the university because the students of other departments including CSE, BBA and Law are also learning English as the English language has achieved a unique place in the world geography. It is not only the medium of global communication but also the means of trade and commerce, science and technology, media and information, internet and web. A high proficiency in English is an essential precondition for further education and employment at home and abroad.

In short, the Department of English at Britannia University is a forward-looking department and committed to providing you with the best possible preparation for your future.  So, I hope and expect that we will get all kinds of cordial cooperation from the honourable guardians of our students and other well-wishers of the country to translate our dream into reality.

I am looking forward to welcoming you.

Academic Program

The bachelor degree program requires 120 credits and is extended over a period of 4 years. This program is to be completed in 12 semesters, each year having 3 semesters namely:

Spring : February – May
Summer:  June – September
Fall: October – January

Each semester will be of 14 weeks duration (out of 14 weeks 13 weeks for theory/lab classes with midterm examination and the last week of the semester is allocated for final exam). Midterm Examination will be held without hampering normal classes.

3 Credit (Theory) means 180 minutes/week

Minimum 120 credits and minimum CGPA 2.00 (Grade D (40% to less than 44%) out of 4.00 are required to obtain B.A (Hons) in English Degree.

Grading System:

Numerical GradeLetter GradeGrade Point
80% and aboveA+(A plus )4.00
75% to less than 79%A (A Regular)3.75
70% to less than 74%A- (A Minus)3.5
65% to less than 69%B+ (B Plus)3.25
60% to less than 64%B (B Regular)3.00
55% to less than 59%B- (B Minus)2.75
50% to less than 54%C+ (C Plus)2.50
45% to less than 49%C (C Regular)2.25
40% to less than 44%D2.00
Less than 40%F0.00

CGPA calculation:

Student’s performance will be evaluated on the basis of Grade Point Average (GPA) semester wise and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of total completed courses.

The CGPA will be computed in the following manner:

CGPA =∑(Grade point X Credits)/∑Credits

Performance Evaluation:

The performance of a student in a course is evaluated on the basis of class assessment (attendance, quiz and assignments/viva) and theory exams. Each course will be marked out of 100 distributed as:

Theory Courses

Class Attendence10%
Midterm Examination30%

Faculty Members

Md. Tariqul Alam

Chairman, Assistant Professor

Kiswar Zereen


Abdulla Al Marof


Umme Rabeya Mili


Md. Jahidul Alam

Adjunct Faculty ,Assistant Professor and Chairman ,Dept. of English ,Comilla University

Twelve Semester Course Sequence

Course Type, Number of Course and Credits hours BA (Hons.) in English

First Year (First Semester)

S/NCourse  CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01CSE 101Introduction to Computer Application (I)1003
02ENG 101Foundation English I1003
03ENG 111Introduction to Poetry1003
 Total 3009.00

First Year (Second Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01ENG 102Fundamental English-II (Listening & Speaking)1003
02ENG 121History of English Literature1003
03ENG 122Introduction to English Literature1003
04CSE 102Introduction to Computer Application (II)1003
 Total 40012.00

First Year (Third Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01BNG 101Introduction to Bangla Literature1003
02ENG 103Foundation English III1003
03ENG 131English for Professional Purposes1003
04MGT 101Principles of Management1003
 Total 40012.00

Second Year (First Semester)

S/NCourse  CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01ENG 21116th and 17th Century literature (I)1003
02ENG 212Restoration and 18th Century Literature (I)1003
03ENG 213The Romantic Poetry1003
04ENG 214Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama (Excluding Shakespeare)1003
 Total 40012.00

Second Year (Second Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01ENG 221The Victorian Poetry1003
02ENG 222Restoration and 18th Century Literature (II)1003
03ENG 223Phonetics & Phonology1003
 Total 3009.00

Second Year (Third Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01ENG 231American Fiction1003
02ENG 232Introduction to Drama1003
03ENG 233Classics in Translation1003
 Total 3009.00

Third Year (First Semester)

S/NCourse  CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01ENG 311American Poetry1003
02ENG 312Romantic and Victorian Novel1003
03ENG 313Old and Middle English Literature1003
 Total 3009.00

Third Year (Second Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01ENG 321Metaphysical Poetry1003
02ENG 322American Prose and Drama1003
03ENG 323English Language Teaching (ELT)1003
 Total 3009.00

Third Year (Third Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01ENG 33118th Century English Novel1003
02ENG 33219th Century English Novel1003
03ENG 333William Shakespeare1003
04ENG 334English Critical Theory1003
 Total 40012.00

Fourth Year (First Semester)

S/NCourse  CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01ENG 41120th Century Fiction1003
02ENG 41220th Century English Drama1003
03ENG 413Research Methodolgy1003
 Total 3009.00

Fourth Year (Second Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01ENG 42119th and 20th Century Western Ideas1003
02ENG 42220th Century English Poetry1003
03ENG 423South Asian Literature1003
 Total 3009.00

Fourth Year (Third Semester)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleMarksCredit
01ENG 431Continental Literature1003
02ENG 450Dissertation/ Thesis Paper( Internship)1006
 Total 2009.00